Why Mediation?

Some may well ask, “Why bother with mediation? Won’t we just get sidetracked on the way to the hearing/trial?” After four decades of regular practice in this area, including attempts at frequent and oftentimes fruitless settlement negotiations, it is clear that mediation may well be the optimal way of resolving disputes.

Too often, the parties have widely divergent views of their case, with neither truly aware of the other side’s position in the matter. In many instances, the mediation process offers a path to resolution as it allows both sides to evaluate realistically the positions that they hold. Mediation certainly can shorten time lines for everyone and often can place a lid on litigation costs for all involved.

Further, mediation can obviate the need for hearings or trials before administrative law judges, hearing examiners, etc., whose decisions might not be issued for months, or in some cases, years after the parties have their day in court. By utilizing an independent mediator, it is possible to limit the vagaries inherent in the litigation process set forth above with all of the benefits to be derived from mediation.

Fee & Cost Schedule

District of Columbia Act: Mediation which take place in the Washington/Baltimore area shall be subject to an hourly rate of $325 per hour for a two (2) hour minimum involving one claimant and one employer/insurer. If additional parties are involved, an additional charge of $325 per hour will be assessed. Travel costs shall be charged at the rate of $.50 per mile where necessary.

Defense Base Act: Mediations involving Defense Base Act cases which take place in the Washington/Baltimore area shall be subject to the same hourly rates and costs as for cases arising under the District of Columbia Act.

In circumstances where the requested mediation takes place outside of the Washington/Baltimore area in addition to the hourly rates and minimum times set forth above, there will be an administrative charge of $250. Charges fo the minimum number of hours plus the administrative fee must be paid tin advance of the mediation date. Any additional hourly charges will be billed to the party/parties responsible for payment with payment due within thirty (30) days after the mediation.

Where air travel is required, the party/parties will be billed for the cost of coach airfare or train fare plus the cost of reasonable lodgings. Payment for travel expenses, as with other charges shall be due within thirty (30) days.